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Mazda 3: What are we standing for?

Most of the popular cars today can be found at dealers in stock, or, in extreme cases, get in 1-2 months. “Mazda-3” remained, perhaps, the only model in the class, the expectation of which stretches to six months. And after all, buyers are patiently waiting … Who has the sense to languish in line, and who better to look in the direction of competitors?

It would be unfair to justify a six-month queue for a “three-piece” in that this is the best model or the best offer in the class, because of which, they say, everyone wants to buy it. Judging by the fact that in the first quarter of this year, a total of 1,482 “treshki” were sold, and there are 3–5 times more “tricks”, “Corolla” and “Lancers” (meaning each model), “Mazda” has not yet claims to be the class leader.

However, such modest sales volumes are due only to extremely limited quotas on supplies to Russia. I am sure, if it were available for sale, I would certainly have entered the top five of the “golf” class. After all, if so many people are willing to wait so much time, it means that the car has hooked them with something.

How much is?

Anyway, not the price. If this question is decisive for you, there are pedigree models in the “golf” class and are cheaper. For example, the same “Focus”, “Almera” and “Lancer” with sufficient engines in sufficient trim levels cost from $ 15,500.

The price list for the Mazda-3 starts at $ 17,100 (hereinafter, the price for a sedan is a hatchback of $ 100–200 more expensive). For the money you are offered a car with a 105-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, manual gearbox, as standard. Formally, she is not poor. And in order to become completely sufficient, the “base” must be supplemented with air conditioning ($ 17,700). Another thing is that the gray interior of this configuration looks rustic.

Therefore, the highest demand are “treshki” performed by “Touring”. They look even more interesting from the outside (alloy wheels, “fog”), and inside they are trimmed and equipped richer. In addition, only the 1.6-liter “Touring” is set to automatic. Such cars cost $ 18,700–19,550 with the “mechanics” and $ 19,700–20,350 with the “automatic”. Fork prices due to the possible presence of a system of dynamic stabilization DSC, climate control instead of air conditioning and sunroof.

That is, among Japanese classmates, Mazda is not the most affordable. It stands at about the level of the Corolla. But compared with imported European counterparts in any case cheaper.

Finally, for $ 22,000–23,350, you can buy a “three rubles” with a 2-liter 150-horsepower engine in the Touring and Sport versions. It is clear that for most buyers such an engine in the “golf” class is redundant. But for fans of the “hot” versions, the 2-liter Mazda-3 looks like an interesting offer. Only “Lancer” and Russian “Focus” are cheaper.

We decided to try out the most popular versions – a sedan and a hatchback with 1.6-liter engines and manual gearboxes.

Outside and inside

Without a doubt, the “treshka” catches buyers primarily on its appearance. Cars “golf” class generally rarely beautiful and recognizable, and only Japanese – even more so. But the Mazda stylists seem to have managed to grope a successful general design line. All new models of the company are distinguished by a bright, pointedly sporty appearance. Here and for “treshki” the state of rest seems unnatural. She has to drive fast, aggressively, aggressively.

Look at the embossed hips of the hatchback with the multicolored circles of the rear lights under the transparent glass. He plays like a muscle before a throw. And if you need a “golf” class sedan, you should start with the “Mazda” all the more. Perhaps he is the most beautiful and proportional in the classroom. But, regardless of the type of body, past the “Mazda-3” is difficult to pass. The only difference is that the people around are looking at the “three rubles” from the side, and if you decide to try on it, you can look inside.

There is also a feeling of dynamics. The short, massive gearbox lever, the “Italian” side deflectors of the ventilation system, the same round sockets of the dashboard, the “anatomical” colored inserts on the seats – all this at a glance adjusts to the combat mood. And in the cabin there is a sense of quality. However, this is not about build quality. “Mazda-3” – not just a car of the Japanese brand. It is assembled in Japan, so it’s not worth admiring with even gaps and tight fitting parts. Another pleasant surprise: the black interior of the Turing looks unusually expensive for a Japanese car. And although visually soft plastic turns out to be “wooden”, this is the case when “it is not difficult to deceive me, I myself am happy to be deceived.” Finishing materials are so convincing in their quality that knocking knuckles on the dashboard just does not arise thoughts.

And the equipment of “Turing” for its money is very generous. Six airbags, “climate”, heated seats, CD-radio, on-board computer, alloy wheels R16, “fog”. However, with a more detailed acquaintance, you understand that the compilers of a complete set had to look for compromises.

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