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Nissan Terrano I. To buy or not?

So, you decide to buy a used SUV. The first generation Nissan Terraro is a very good option … But we all know that buying a used car is quite risky, so now we will try to tell about all the strong and weak points of this car. And, most importantly, about where to look and what to check in the first place.

• Nissan Terrano I
For a start, it would be nice to find out about what Nissan Terrano is about to be discussed. The fact is that the first generation Nissan Terrano appeared on the market in 1986.

However, in 1992, the Japanese company introduced a model called the Terrano II, which was created jointly by the engineers of Nissan and Ford (respectively, the same car can be found under the name Ford Maverick). At the same time, the release of the “simple” Nissan Terrano continued until 1996. Nissan Terrano is also widely known under the name Pathfinder – that is how this model has been and is still indicated in the American market.

At the same time, Terrano differed from Pathfinder not only by its name. Nissan Pathfinder has a softer suspension, mostly automatic transmission and rear disc brakes. And the interior of the American car is equipped usually richer than the Terrano. In general, in terms of ride comfort, the Nissan Pathfinder gives a decent Terrano handicap, but the big advantage of the latter is a stronger suspension. And the price is lower Terrano. If there is any doubt that the car is in front of you, then simply look at the VIN-number. If it starts with JN1, then this is Nissan Terrano, but Pathninder says JN8. Naturally, before the inspection, it would be a good idea for the owner to ask for the 17-digit VIN-number of the car, in which a lot of information is entered, and to “punch” it (this can be done at the official dealer, or on the Internet on the relevant sites).

At first, Nissan Terrano was produced only in a three-door version, and 5-door cars appeared in 1989. Basically, cars have a simple velor interior, although you can find options with expensive leather trim (more often it is found on the Pathfinder). Due to the rather old age of the first generation Terrano, the interior of some cars is in far from the best condition. But do not think that all Terrano have broken through seats, broken latches and falling off plastic panels. In fact, most of the copies look pretty decent, since the initial build quality of these cars was very high (all Nissan Terrano was made exclusively in Japan).

During the first test drive, turn on the heating fan. If everything is in order with him, then at the second speed the air is supplied with a rather large force. However, over time, the air intake is clogged with all sorts of branches, leaves, dead insects, etc. (most often this happens on those machines whose drivers like to travel in the countryside). As a result, the efficiency of the ventilation system is significantly reduced. So every year it is highly recommended to clean the fan, which is under the glove compartment.

But still it is much more important to know the condition of the body. And with him on cars older than 10 years old (that is, on most first-generation Terrano) there may be problems. Sick spots are sills, rear door, trunk floor and front fenders at the attachment points of the fenders. Also sometimes there is a rusted through the floor, and the holes can be seen not only under the feet of the driver and front passenger, but also in the rear seats. However, it is worth noting that the Terrano is based on a powerful frame, so that the rusted body in this case does not have such a fatal effect.

The main reason for the corrosion of the car is not the best ventilation and carelessness of the former owners. So, in the luggage compartment under the carpet in our weather conditions condensate likes to accumulate. Or, for example, in the floor of the trunk there is a small hatch through which you can get to the fuel pump. Over time, dirt and salt accumulate there, causing the metal to deteriorate. Naturally, it goes to the wires that fit the fuel pump (because of this, in principle, a reliable fuel pump is sometimes credited to the weak points of Terrano). It is also worth looking at the doors, as they often sag on 10–15 year old cars. The only way to combat this is to replace the fixed halves of the loops.

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