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Mitsubishi Colt: Pocket Colt

MITSUBISHI COLT – do not plant more than three. Small-sized cars have long established themselves in megalopolises as an excellent means of transportation for one or two people. Yes, and they are usually inexpensive. One of the most common urban cars – Mitsubishi Colt.

In our secondary market, you can meet Colt of different generations, because for the first time a car with such a name was released back in the 60s!
The fifth generation of Mitsubishi Colt, which appeared in 1995 (in Japan, the United States and several other markets, it was called the Mirage or Mirage coupe), is of the greatest interest to the consumer – its representatives have a fairly modern design and have not yet developed their resource. In addition, soon the prices for such models will decrease, since this year a fundamentally new in appearance and design of the Colt should appear in Europe (this car has been sold since last year in Japan). And the new Colt will be in the three-and five-door bodies.

Until now, all the Colt had only three doors, although four-door sedans and station wagons were also produced on the same wheelbase, under the name Lancer and Lancer Station Wagon, respectively. However, Mitsubishi Lancer performs in the C-class according to the European classification (Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Opel Astra, etc.), but the Colt is just the classic representative of the B-class (Volkswagen Polo, Peugeot 206, Opel Corsa, etc.). But that’s not all – anyone who does not shy away from right-hand drive cars can order a Mitsubishi Mirage Dingo minivan from Japan.

Second-hand selling “the smallest gnomes” sold on the Russian market – the 3-door Mitsubishi Colt hatchbacks are mainly brought from abroad. Although sometimes there are also models sold initially in Russia, but there are few of them (official deliveries began only in 1999). They, as a rule, have the richest GLX complete set, including air conditioning, ABS, electropackage, heated seats, etc. True, the prices for such cars were initially high (from $ 15,500), so they are quite expensive on the secondary market. But they have increased ground clearance, which is important when driving on our roads. The European counterparts have a ground clearance of just 120 mm, so it is not surprising that Colt owners often damage the front bumpers, mud flaps, etc. And the “feathering” is not cheap, especially if you buy from an authorized dealer. So, one lining of the front bumper will cost $ 392, the front wing – $ 207. But you can find non-original parts (bumper – $ 220, fender – $ 140). True, we are talking about the details of Taiwanese production. Practice shows that they are almost as good as the Japanese in quality – completely identical in size and shape, only iron is a bit thinner.

Not for family

Cars brought from Europe or Japan, in addition to expensive GLX equipment, may have more modest GL equipment. These cars are not always equipped with air conditioning or ABS, but the power steering, central locking and airbag (the European ones have two) should be anyway. The main disadvantage of the cabin Colt – the space in the back seat. Sitting back is not just uncomfortable, but very uncomfortable. So Mitsubishi Colt is not suitable for the role of the only car in a large family.

Build quality is usually good, but on 5-year-old cars (and older) often starts to creak interior. And sometimes when driving on uneven roads from shaking spontaneously lowered windows, equipped with electric drives. The reliability of the air conditioner, power windows and other complaints are not special. Even on the first Colt of this generation, made in the mid-90s, the entire mechanical part usually works without problems. Of course, the air conditioner periodically has to be refilled, but this is still not a breakdown, which can result in a decent amount. So when buying a Mitsubishi Colt with air conditioning you need to require its proper operation.

Modesty is not a vice

European versions of Mitsubishi Colt were equipped with only two engines. The weakest was the 1.3-liter 12-valve unit with 75 hp. (There is his 16-valve fellow with 82 hp). In addition to it, you can often find a 1.6-liter engine. Moreover, in the previous generation of the Colt, its power was 113 hp, but in 1996 it was decided to deform up to 90 hp, which made it possible to meet strict environmental standards without any problems. Well, in 2000, that is, a year before being discontinued, the 1.6-liter unit received 103 hp. However, if you bring a Colt from Japan or the USA, you can meet cars with other engines (only the cars will be called Mirage).

On Mitsubishi Colt put a number of other very interesting engines. For example, there is a 2.0-liter diesel engine producing 88 hp. (put on cars with all-wheel drive) or a 1.5-liter unit with a power of 110 hp Of particular admiration are the models with the V6 engine (!) With a volume of 1.8 liters (135 hp), as well as with the “charged” 1.6-liter unit, producing as many as 175 hp!

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