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Honda Accord: Playing Respect

This car can conquer you with one of its Japanese origin. Or a solid appearance. But bear in mind – there are features in his character, which are quite unexpected for the middle class.

The current, already the seventh “Accord”, which appeared in Russia in the spring of 2003, was a success. All that was needed was a good, reliable, convenient to his predecessor – to add a sparkle of sports image.

And how the car began to play! And most importantly – as soon as it began to be sold. Looking at the high demand, the dealers rubbed their hands and, like the ever-memorable officials of Gossnab, created long, 5-6 months, lines. Pretty soon, the “Honda” of the middle class is far ahead of the “treshka” of BMW and Audi-A4.

Today, the queue for the Accord resolved completely. And amid an avalanche of growing sales of cars of other brands, his business has completely stalled. The reason lies on the surface – a constantly rising price.

How much is?

So, in 2003 they asked for $ 25,900 for Accord. But a year later, $ 1,500 more. Today, it will cost at least $ 28,400. Another $ 400 will have to be paid for any of the eight proposed metallic metals, if you do not want the base red. Equipment of such car will be called “Comfort”. It is available only with the “mechanics”. “Automatic” as much as $ 2500 more expensive. Because such a car is called “Sport” and must be complemented by light alloy wheels and heated front seats. All the other 2-liter “chords” do not offer, gradually pushing you to buy the most powerful 190-strong car. In fact, given such a force, the price really does not seem very large – from $ 32,900.

It can be assumed that the fans who are hungry for gambling cars from Honda often choose these kind of lighters with a remarkable 6-speed manual gearbox. But they did not guess. In Russia, perhaps nine out of ten cars are Accord-2.4 with automatic transmission in the most generous equipment of the Executive for $ 36,300. So, electric leather chairs and xenon headlights for our compatriots are sportsmen values. In principle, always standing apart from other “Japanese”, technically refined, famous for numerous victories in the sport, Honda can cost one or two thousand more than similar models of Mazda and Toyota. But, of course, the strict attachment of kits to the motor and even gearboxes does not help sales.

But what exactly helps them is the respectable appearance of the car.


The buyer of the Accord can be sure that a Japanese sedan with a more solid, noble appearance is still to be searched. Look, next to most of his class brothers, he will easily pass for the high society dandy in the society of provincial middle-ranking officials. “Accord” from the first second seems aggressive, uncompromising and incredibly respectable. You certainly can’t mix him up with one of the rustic Japanese classmates. A wedge-shaped nose, an abundance of chrome, strict, with a cunning squint of lights … By its powerful charisma, it is rather comparable to the prestigious “Germans” – it looks so noble, strict and expensive. Only appeared after the restyling bump on the hood – an amateur. But those who were looking for even more aggression in the Honda, on the contrary, would like it.

By the way, many of those features that give the appearance of the car expressiveness, did not create for the sake of the external effect. For example, a long nose and strongly inclined front struts are a tribute to aerodynamics. Air resistance coefficient 0,26 – the best result in the class. Minimum gaps between the arches and wheels also work to reduce aerodynamic losses. Low front spoiler-wing with large, in the style of cars of formula 1, the air intakes on the sides is responsible for the distribution of air flow and optimization of downforce. As you can see, an expensive suit covered the most complex technical delights.

As for the build quality, the Honda has always been distinguished by almost precise precision fit body parts. No exception and “Accord”.

But what it lacks for precisely tailored details is practicality. There are no moldings on the doors and bumpers, which means that in order to eliminate traces of scratches and dents, it is necessary to paint the details entirely. Thresholds and lower parts of bumpers are painted in body color – after three or four tens of thousands of kilometers of constant sandblasting, they are guaranteed to lose their former brightness. Yes, and mudguards in the standard equipment is not provided. Turn signal repeaters in the mirrors are certainly beautiful. But they are located at the edges – the slightest contact, and the illumination will have to be changed. Finally, the car has long overhangs, but even the most expensive versions have no parking sensors.

However, the interior is much more practical and thought out.

… and inside

I am drawing a wide, convenient door handle and I am ready to release the “Accord” a whole batch of compliments: the locks work so gently and the opening force is so adjusted. The rear doors, by the way, only seem narrow from the outside – especially at the bottom.

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