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Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla: Consumer Sedans

Sedans “golf” class is still the most popular product in the Russian market. So the debut of “Corolla” of the new generation was, of course, the main event of the beginning of the year. But how does an ambitious newcomer and potential bestseller look against the background of strong old-timers?

This “Toyota” immediately earned the nickname of the mini “Camry”. The stylistic kinship of the cars is evident even through two steps of the class ladder.

But the advances need not only to receive, but also to justify. It is clear that the 10th generation of the Corolla cannot become the undisputed leader in the “golf” class: it is impossible for anyone to outwit the Russian “Focus” with its unique combination of price and quality. That is why we chose not budgetary Ford, unbroken Lancer, not much more expensive Elantra, or even futuristic Civic, which lined up for life, as rivals to Toyota. “Mazda 3” – is another matter. Fashionable despite the age – and the model has been released for the fourth year, diversified, not the cheapest, very popular, this car, we think, is ideal for rival Corolla. Moreover, recently increased quotas have reduced the waiting time from “six months and more” to almost tolerable four to five months.

By the way, judging by the design, the difference in age between the competitors is not felt. In our opinion, Mazda is as fresh and bright to this day as it was in the spring of its debut. The assorted predatory lines of the seemingly ordinary sedan do not force us to look after only for one reason – a “treshka” on our streets is a dime a dozen.

But if “Mazda” simply refuses to grow old, then the new “Corolla”, on the contrary, as if it was not young. Surprisingly, this sedan does not look like a novelty. The solidity of the dimensions, not least of all achieved by the almost Rubens ’fullness of the waist line and loose overhangs, is perhaps the only one, and even then not quite obvious, plus the exterior of the Toyota. The rest of the new “Corolla” is more likely to restyling the previous generation.

Salon new “Corolla” also did not become a revelation. Trouble-free ergonomics, the usual “toyotovskaya” meticulous assembly – this is great. But the design is not impressive. The most striking element of the interior, perhaps, is a computer and control lamps, inscribed in two circular monitors, located in the center of both the tachometer and the speedometer. Of course, a good solution. Information is always in front of the eyes, and most importantly, the Corolla now communicates with us in the language of Pushkin, Tolstoy and Chekhov. Commendable.

Not everything is perfect with the finishing materials. Cheap door handles, made in the form of some thin pipettes, frankly disagree with the rich graphite center console a la Avensis. A very wooden-touch plastic upholstery is excused only by a soft patch on the top of the dashboard. In short, to the “Golf” of the new “Corolla” is far, even the “Focus” in the version of “Gia” looks, perhaps, more impressive.

From the “Mazda” we did not expect revelations in terms of the interior. Everything is familiar here. Sports style “treshki” clearly visible in the deep wells of the dashboard, and in textured chairs with a claim to kinship with racing buckets, and even in the dynamic design of the radio with treadmills on the LEDs. Familiar and cons. Badly readable due to indistinct red light “tidy”. The wide center console rubs the driver’s right foot. In general, against the background of “Corolla” interior does not look outdated. By and large, the quality of the Mazda finish is inferior to the rival only in one – there is no soft plastic here at all. But ideas and style, perhaps, will be more.

Here are the times! Barely defeating the “Mazda” due to ergonomics and thoroughness of the finish, “Corolla” immediately pierced in terms of spaciousness. The width of the sofa is good. I would like to note the almost complete absence of the central tunnel. True, the linkers tried in vain – the sofa was formed for two people, so the third one here will not be too free. But the main disappointment is the modest headroom for those sitting in the back. The height of “Toyota” loses only a little to its rival, only 2 cm, but this distance is enough to feel the difference.

And the driver’s seat in the “Mazda” definitely liked more. Despite the slightly shorter pillow, it is perceived to be more comfortable, and solid side bolsters provide useful support in turns. Finally, and a slightly lower, passenger landing makes it less to bend the legs at the knees. In a long journey is useful.

The trunk of the Corolla is also not a masterpiece. To begin with, the rough and massive hinge covers for the machine of the XXI century are moveton. Not to mention the lack of an internal handle. The Mazda, by the way, has a parallelogram folding mechanism that does not threaten the load. True, the handle on the trunk lid was not found here.

But most importantly, like most sedans, the cargo capabilities of Toyota are limited to a three-volume constitution. Yes, the trunk of the new “Corolla” added in volume – for the sake of this Japanese.

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