Nissan Murano: In Love Eyes
For such an expensive and powerful "SUV", designed in part to perform the functions of a business-class sedan, it is perhaps even too beautiful. But this will not scare away…

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Mitsubishi Carisma: Reasonable Sufficiency
We have already met with "Mitsubishi Carisma" more than once, including in group tests. The car, well-known in our country, has been produced since 1995, and during this time it…

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Chery Tiggo, Toyota Rav 4, Hyundai Tucson: Learn, Learn and Learn
The Japanese auto industry is seven decades old. Korean is a quarter of a century younger. The Chinese are just getting up "on the wheels." Is it possible to catch…

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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: Jeep for “average” Russian

Choosing a car is a topic relevant for everyone who intends to buy it. With the growth of the material capabilities of our citizens, the choice of “car for yourself” is noticeably expanding towards more expensive models. Of course, there is a fashion, an idea of ​​prestige (someone assesses you according to what you came up with), but also your own “I”, defining automobile likes and dislikes. At this time, it was decided to try yourself in the role of choosing wisely the “right” coupe.

Today, a real jeep must be big, black, angular and must come from Germany. It used to fuss on Cherokee, Wranglers and other trivia. Now in a special honor, “Mercedes-G500” and even with the nameplate Brabus or AMG. On such a ride, count as a “dad”: everyone respectfully makes way, just not to interfere. Well, and if there are correct (for $ 2000-3000) rooms with a cherished combination of o … oo and passes with an eagle and a tricolor in the half of the windscreen, only mountains can be steeper, and only the sky above.

All this is great, but, alas, not for me, as, incidentally, not for me, and the now-dimensionless “Americans” or “Japanese”, who are very much respected, are “only” for 60,000 greens. Here you need something simpler, affordable, but all sorts of “SUVs” like “Honda” or “Toyota” are not serious. They are small, undignified, and you can’t take a snowmobile or a water bike for such. In general, I thought and decided to stop at Mitsubishi-Pajero Sport. And it looks rich, and goes – “Sport” after all. The cheapest ($ 29,900) diesel versions were dismissed right away: for that kind of money, just get a hundred-wheeled motor – dismiss it! But the gasoline 177-strong V-shaped “six” paired with a four-stage “automatic” – it will do. And if you do not fall into the leather interior and chrome trinkets, the car will pull 37,500 green ones. Like, for the money appliances.

For people and suitcases

The car seems to be healthy, but the combination of a highly raised (frame structure, after all) floor and low doorways is something. From a takeoff, it is risky to fly in here, on the contrary, you need to bring the body inward gradually and smoothly, bending around all possible obstacles. However, sitting down, you feel – great. Long seat cushions, elastic, well-shaped back, separate heaters in front and behind – what else is needed for long journeys or trips out of town? Yeah, of course, the trunk. If here you get used to the level of the floor, starting somewhere at chest level, otherwise everything is very good: smooth surfaces, soft, easily cleaned curtain. Of course, the trunk is a bit small, but you can expand the back seat. And then…

“Pajero” in the city

In winter, but in snowfall, but in the city – there is no better car than a jeep. On the road, everyone respects me, you can not be cautious when maneuvering and rebuilding – a fairly high-torque motor allows you to “jerk” when necessary. The considerable dimensions of the car almost do not strain: high seating, simple shapes, surfaces without excessive bulges – the car, like a sharply sharpened dagger, easily penetrates the traffic flow. The only thing you need to get used to – the “excess” body length interferes with parking. At first, you have to turn your head pretty hard, squeezing it into a tucked slot. Rescue large outdoor mugs and good visibility.

“Sport” on the highway

Oh, no wonder I abandoned the diesel version! Even a three-liter gasoline engine is not perceived on this car as something supernatural. In my opinion, the “pensive” box “automatic” is to blame for everything. “Pajero Sport” is convenient, but unhurried. He confidently achieves “cruising” speeds of 140-160 km / h, however, when overtaking, and just when you want to break away, the power of the car is somewhat annoying – a clear contradiction with the prefix “sport”. The suspension is impenetrable, but stiff: the relationship with the pickup L 200 is felt. Yes, and the steering wheel is heard somehow sluggish, you feel it especially after a car. Although for this frame-spring “rogue” everything is within the normal range.

For recreation and entertainment

Unlike the usual “Mitsubishi-Pajero”, the “Sport” option cannot boast of an elite Super Select transmission, which allows not only to use all-wheel drive all the time, but also to mobilize all the capabilities of an SUV.

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