Alfa Romeo 159, Mazda 6: Beautiful rivals
It seems that both Alfa-Romeo and Mazda-6 were created using the same software. Or is it design templates? Eight glowing round in the front of the car - a coincidence?…

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Toyota Camry: the fulfillment of desires
"Toyota Camry" new generation replaces its predecessor, produced in Japan and the United States since 1996. Official dealers offer in Russia, "Camry" only Japanese assembly in three versions: with a…

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Mitsubishi Carisma: Reasonable Sufficiency
We have already met with "Mitsubishi Carisma" more than once, including in group tests. The car, well-known in our country, has been produced since 1995, and during this time it…

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Nissan Almera Classic, Renault Logan, Kia Spectra: From loaves to sedans

A bun for three pennies, a loaf for thirteen, half black for nine … Even these simple figures are remembered with difficulty. Now a different time, different prices. And “for thirteen” they buy not a ribbed loaf, but a budget sedan with a 1.6 liter engine. “KIA-Spectra” just in the right price range, “Renault Logan” gets there only the upper edge, “Nissan Almera Classic”, on the contrary, only the lower level of configuration. Continue reading

Honda Accord: Playing Respect

This car can conquer you with one of its Japanese origin. Or a solid appearance. But bear in mind – there are features in his character, which are quite unexpected for the middle class.

The current, already the seventh “Accord”, which appeared in Russia in the spring of 2003, was a success. All that was needed was a good, reliable, convenient to his predecessor – to add a sparkle of sports image. Continue reading

Toyota Corolla Verso, Volkswagen Golf Plus: Possible options

You just wonder how narrowly segmented the modern car market is. Previously, ceasing to be placed with children and households in the usual hatchback, its owner acquired a family “monocab” like the Toyota Corolla Verso. Now, people who have grown up from a golf class, but do not want to buy a full-size compact van, have a curious alternative – the Volkswagen Golf Plus. Continue reading

Nissan 350Z: Ninja with Z sign
Most of the mass cars "Nissan" - "Primera", "Almera", "Micra" - are proper names. But an exclusive, a real ninja, in which a generation is already content with an index…


Toyota Rav 4: Step to Excellence
The first RAV4 in 1994 created a real revolution, opening to the world a new class of “SUVs”. The machines of the two subsequent generations developed in an evolutionary way…