Toyota has built a bright future
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Nissan Almera Classic: The Mystery of Origin
A car produced at the South Korean plant of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, entered the Russian market at the end of April 2006. Gradually, the sedan will replace the basic configuration…

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Nissan Almera Classic: The Mystery of Origin
A car produced at the South Korean plant of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, entered the Russian market at the end of April 2006. Gradually, the sedan will replace the basic configuration…

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Ford Mondeo, Mazda 6: Soul Mates

In our market, powerful versions of these two family sedans look like direct competitors.

After all, the relationship between the brothers does not always develop so perfectly as in the family of Chuck and Huck. You don’t need to go far for an example: remember how the relationship between Cain and Abel ended? True – the extermination of the fourth part of the terrestrial population. Of course, it does not reach the hands of the car business, but in general, even close relatives often live like a cat with a dog.

For example, Ford owns a 33% stake in the Japanese Mazda. And what, you think, between the two companies concluded a “water truce”? On the one hand, yes. “Blue Oval” helps the Japanese engines and production base. But at the same time, the leaders of Mazda openly declare that they intend to seize 3% of the European market in two years – so much now in the EU countries does not even sell Toyota. What do you say from that? So in fact the main stake in the coming offensive is made on the new model “Mazda-6” – a direct rival of the Ford-Mondeo. It turns out that a competitor in the “Blue Oval” was burned at the very heart. And in the picture from the family album, they looked so cute …

So, in the red corner of the ring there is a 2.3-liter Mazda-6, an ambitious newcomer from Japan, who dared to challenge Ford-Mondeo-2,5-V6 itself, the recognized favorite of Europe, the winner of numerous competitions and just a good guy.

At the beginning of the journey …

Before ordering sworn relatives: “Boxing!”, We will make a reservation. Despite the fact that both cars do not fit the faint definition of “average sedan” – “Ford” by regalia, “Mazda” by ambitions, – the attitude to both of them on one sixth of the land is at best equal.

Ford was never a symbol of prestige in Europe either. In Russia, however, with some piety, they are perhaps referring to off-road vehicles from the Blue Oval. “Mazda” and all the more just has to win a name for itself. We have heard of this brand, of course, more than, say, about “Daihatsu”, but much less than about “Toyota” or “Nissan”. But this is so, a warning to every fireman, if suddenly the image for you is all.

Quantum leap

Everything has its time. If the designers of Mazda will continue in this spirit and further, very soon the attitude to the cars of this brand will change. Simply put, the appearance of the Mazda-6 is a true revelation. At least for me. After so many years of production of “gray mice” – sedans with a completely anonymous design – the breakthrough of the “six” is unexpectedly triple. And who would you think became the author of a stylistic revolution? Completely unknown in Europe, the Japanese stylist Ivayo Kaizumi. Now, no one will turn his tongue to reproach the Japanese designers of production machines in the absence of fantasy. Predatory physiognomy, rapid belt line, wheels spaced at the corners of the body, giving the sedan look energetic, fantastic optics – such a set attracts attention even to the parked “six”. And the Mazda that writes the arc on a bend is stronger than Goethe’s Faust. In short, despite the elements of borrowing – and in the Mazda, if you wish, you can find features of both BMW and Lexus – we put the top five for the appearance. Classroom work deserves it.

“Mondeo” next to his younger brother looks too usual. Best the enemy of the good. But two years ago, the work of the team of designers Chris Byrd evoked sincere respect. Is it really so Mondeo? Or is the Mazda-6 so much brighter than a verified, no doubt elegant, but without a splash of champagne, a Ford silhouette? And a little of both. On the other hand, does the family sedan need an overly flashy outfit? Like something you all. In this regard, “Mondeo” is almost flawless: recognizable, modern, solid. What is more?

Attention trifles

The tendency of the Mazda to external effects is also manifested in the cabin. Here, in many ways, if not in everything, one feels a burning desire to like, indulge in the aesthetic tastes of chic-hungry customers. Stylish, made under the titanium center console, gorgeous in texture plastic front panel, perfectly trimmed leather seats and steering wheels – all this looks just as good as in much more expensive models. Can competitors from Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyotas say the same about their sedans? Definitely not.

At the same time, the Mazda-6 is also functional. The steering wheel, for example, is adjustable for reach and tilt, very comfortable on the back of the couch, and you probably already heard about the system with the clever name Karakuri, which allows you to fold the backs of the rear seats from the trunk. Stylish, high quality, convenient – again, five points? This time, alas.

“Mazda” has brought such a trifle as the gear lever. There are no complaints to the external execution, but there are to the usability.

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