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Honda Civic: Ordinary Superman
The eyes are afraid - the hands are doing, so what? It is easy, however, to say ... Right on the course is a 90-degree left, on the speedometer it…

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Eclipse Spyder: a sea of drive and fresh air
Developed on the basis of the fourth-generation coupe Mitsubishi Eclipse, the new Spyder convertible successfully combines an aggressive dynamic design and the latest technology. Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder is offered in…

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Mazda 2: City Toy

Bright and cute “Mazda-2” reminded toy avtomobchik. Made of soft plastic, with a whistle in the bottom – twenty years ago, my youngest daughter loved to play that way when she was splashing in the bathroom. But compactness is deceptive. If we turn to the figures, it turns out that the “toy” has an almost four-meter body and exceeds one and a half meters in height – on the shoulder of a tall man! As well as the “relative on the platform” “Ford-Fusion”, it refers to high hatchbacks, from which it is easy to reach compact vans.

The Japanese have always been famous for the art of assembling the interior of the car – not otherwise, the reason for the lack of living space. Inside the car seems more than the outside. Due to the high ceiling and sensibly designed seats, it freely accommodates passengers above average height.

The interior is cozy, the materials are sturdy and pleasant to the touch – there is no cheap, rumbling plastic. Details are tightly fitted, when driving on cobblestones, no rattling or creaking is heard. The stylish front panel glitters with chrome rings on the devices and deflectors, the center console gently shines with brushed metal. The place without airbags and appliances is given under the “glove compartments” and shelves of different caliber. According to the “Mazdovian” tradition, the back of the front seat, when folded forward, forms a table — this is convenient at a picnic or when carrying long loads.

By the way, about the cargo. In a huge luggage opening, which begins almost from the ground, you can squeeze even a desk. Naturally, folding the rear seat (split 60/40), you will get more cubic meters of free space. With passengers – less, although in most cases, a compartment of 335 liters should be enough.

You can’t call the standard package of a Kore one: headlight washers, roof bars, central locking, immobilizer, ABS, electric brakes, front and side airbags, heated seats. In Core + here add air conditioning and front electric windows. Our car in the Touring package was even richer: fog lights, inflatable “curtains” on the windows, electric mirrors and rear power windows.

Intermediate in the line of engines, the 80-hp gasoline unit turned out to be moderately high-spirited, high-powered and not noisy. It is problematic to assess the dynamic qualities and controllability in full on the streets of old Riga. And this toy car is not that, to squeeze adrenaline from yourself and passengers. His strengths are high maneuverability, light steering, sensitive brakes, good visibility, large doorways. In general, what is needed in the city, where there are two dozen turns and three races to the store for a dozen kilometers.

On the highway, the new “Mazda” also does not give up: it holds the trajectory well, does not pay attention to the cover flaws and is absolutely not annoyed by noises. The design of the suspension of cars of this class is well developed – in front of the “McPherson”, behind the elastic transverse beam with trailing arms. The latest trend is the electric power steering.

Small “Mazda” are produced in warm Spain, including modifications for the Scandinavian countries – these are the machines that should come to our market. Their feature is a more powerful generator and battery, modified electrics, including dipped headlights along with the ignition. Perhaps it will be useful to us.

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