Nissan Teana, Toyota Camry: Russian Basyo
Let not in the basics, that is, the tournament, not the most powerful versions of the cars come together, the fight is expected to be interesting. Indeed, as in sumo,…

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Mazda Xedos 6: By name and patronymic
Mazda Xedos 6 - the most elegant modification of the model 626, produced from 1992 to 1997 exclusively in the sedan. This car can be bought both with the left-side…

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Toyota Prius: The Dawn of Hybridization
When Toyota started selling Prius in 1997, each sold car, according to experts, brought the company a loss of $ 16,000. For eight years, the model has won a lot…

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Toyota Celica: In the cramped, but not mad

The main advantages of the coupe – the enthusiastic views of others and sporty characteristics. According to the canons, the silhouette should be squat, the motor powerful, and the interior a bit cramped. Toyota Celica is a typical representative of this class, but with features characteristic of more “soft” and “friendly” cars.

With all the swiftness and sportiness of the forms, the current “Selick” is more democratic than its predecessor.The model has a long history: the first generation started back in 1970, and since 1999 they have released the seventh!

It no longer has a modification with a two-liter engine with a power of 242 hp, a maximum speed of 240 km / h and acceleration to 100 km / h in 6.1 s. The engine capacity of the seventh “Selick” is quite modest – 1.8 liters, power – 143 or 192 hp, and the maximum speed is 200. Manual gearboxes, five or six-speed, are more common on European-made machines. Right-hand drive, as a rule, with hydromechanical “automatic”.

The interior is sporty. High tunnel between the passenger and the driver, “boat” seats with lateral support and integrated head restraints, bright instrument scales, a rather modest finish. Approaching the car, involuntarily you are preparing for an acrobatic exercise during landing, which agitates blood acceleration during acceleration, shaking on every unevenness and mediocre review.

But getting behind the wheel is more convenient than you expect, although you have to sit “on the floor.” For a person of average height and modest build it is easy, high and dense will be more difficult. Seat adjustment allows you to sit comfortably with growth up to 180 cm. In the cabin 2 + 2, four can fit in, but without any hope of comfort.

The review is not bad due to the relatively high side windows, well-placed racks and rather large mirrors. High feed, making it difficult to assess the situation behind, is typical of many modern machines.

The first kilometers behind the wheel of a 143-strong Selick evoke mixed feelings. The low rumbling of the engine, light but not gun acceleration, the unexpectedly energy-intensive suspension initially even … distresses. Where is the real sports discomfort? He is not.

“Selick” does not disappoint overclocking and handling, but still it was created for everyday comfortable driving on ordinary roads. A more powerful 192-strong version with a manual transmission can leave so many rivals behind. But she is not a “Ferarri” – just a pretty, elegant, fast car.

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