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Nissan Murano: In Love Eyes

For such an expensive and powerful “SUV”, designed in part to perform the functions of a business-class sedan, it is perhaps even too beautiful. But this will not scare away the buyer without complexes: “Let them look after them and envy them!”

“Speaking like pavé …”

What a smooth way! No, no wonder “Nissan” that year improves its variators. To achieve the same comfort with the usual “automatic”, you need to really try. And for a lot of money.
We are going quietly, not in a hurry to go anywhere – which, incidentally, allows the Murano to easily break away from the stream. The feeling that under the hood silent electric motor. Coupled with a suspension that is ideally absorbing minor irregularities and quite long, like that of the Maxim, this base gives a pronounced effect of complete isolation from the outside world.

But in the kick-down mode, you cannot confuse the variator with anything. Having impressed the gas pedal to the floor, you see how the accelerator tachometer needle goes to the right, but this does not affect the dynamics of the car – as if the kinematic connection of the engine with the wheels was suddenly gone. Is that a “failure”? No, the failures are only on the usual “automatic”, which spend time thinking about the driver’s team is really wasted. There is no need to regret a second hitch here – the on-board processor did everything right: first, it increased the gear ratio to a maximum of 2.37, allowing the motor to quickly reach 5000 rpm, on which it pulls like a beast, and only then drove the ratio again to the minimum , synchronously with increasing speed. This is the algorithm that provides the best acceleration time. And almost the same efficiency as with the “mechanics”. But to check it for “Murano” is not possible – the model is only equipped with a CVT.

Check it for permeability, driving the car into a swamp, we do not recommend. One has only to look at the muffler hanging in the middle of the base, and it will become clear: they can plow through the soft snow, but hardly clumps of clay. Tear off. But on the slippery after the rain country road, we swept. The all-wheel-drive Ol Moud system, tested on the X-Trail, works perfectly and the wheels are scooped out, practically failing to stall. And so many “SUVs” will envy the forced blocking of the axle coupling. And yet his element – asphalt. On the snow-covered “Murano” will be the king, and prescribing turns on the dry, give way only to expensive and powerful, sharpened for high-speed driving machines.

However, the main thing in it is not driving performance, not technical data – competitors have something to answer. They do not have just such an ability to please, brought by Japanese designers to unprecedented sharpness among SUVs.

“You can not take your eyes off”

Not for nothing is it called the name of the Mediterranean island, which lies next to Venice. Local craftsmen have the secret of making amazingly beautiful glass, which is called – murano. Take a look at it. The grille bent in a radiant smile, muscular back wings with creeping lanterns, pointed as a blade, silhouette – and three years after the debut of the Murano draws the eye like a magnet. And blown aft door? A triangular side window? Yes, put near the nearest competitor – “Tuareg”, with the back washed in the spirit of the 80s, and there will be no doubt about the leadership of “Nissan” in terms of design.

Someone, self-incriminating, would call such an approach an adventure – they say, a respectable person who can pay for a car of this class will not want to go to the office on a “rocket” … In America, there were more people than planned. In Russia, similar ideas about automotive beauty – remember the profits of “gray” dealers who sold up to a hundred “Muranos” per month.

Only our car is not one of those that go around the streets of Moscow – this is already a version adapted for the European market. The most noticeable difference (out of three hundred!) Is the long stamping on the back door: it’s not necessary to crumple the state number in the narrow fossa, as in “American women”. And also added spoilers on the front bumper, deflectors in front of the wheels, a submotor shield optimizing air flow. That is, over the car worked specialists in aerodynamics. And there was a reason – it’s not accelerated in the States above 112 km / h (at least officially), but, let’s say, in Germany you can openly drown under 200. By the way, the limiter is now set to this value, we remind that »Cars it works at 190 km / h.

In order to adapt the car for long-term motion at high speeds, a radiator was added to the engine oil system, and noise insulation was significantly increased. Even the “wipers” set “low noise”.

From the fact that you will not notice with the “naked eye”, the most important are changes in the suspension geometry, other shock absorbers, more heat-resistant brake pads and other trifles from what is usually included in the list of modifications to a more dynamic driving style.

“Know Smoking”

Inside the Murano is no less impressive than the outside. The Japanese called the “sculpture in motion” style. The main element is the instrument cluster in a separate package.

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